Diane Sorenson

Vendor Booth #25

Diane is an original in our Salvage Sisters team, joining us when the store opened with her beautiful display of jewelry. She enjoys projects involving anything ‘crafty’, and develops a nicely finished, artistic look.

With 10 years in this line of work, she’s inspired by walking through other amazing shops and other vendors’ areas within the store. Her best ‘junking’ find was a wood and metal table & chair set along the side of the road “in great condition!”

Besides her work in the store and spending time with her husband and two daughters, Diane finds joy in gardening, music and genealogy. Her love of music is carried on through her daughters; one working towards a master’s degree in music, and the other working as a ‘kinder-music’ and preschool teacher!


Phone: 763.229.3697

Email: bellrose@lakedalelink.com